The Highest Paid Female News Anchors And Their INSANE Net Worths

#8 – Rachel Maddow ($20 Million)

Rachel Maddow is a successful news anchor and political commentator. She is the first openly gay anchor to host a major primetime program called The Rachel Maddow Show. Her humble beginnings started a career in radio before she decided to move to the television in 2005. She became a panellist for the MSNBC show Tucker. She is also a contributor to the program Countdown with Keith Olbermann. In fact, it was Keith Olbermann who helped her get on her show in August 2008. Her immense popularity is contributed to her large number of followers both online and offline.

#7 – Kelly Ripa ($22 Million)

You would be hard pressed to find someone alive today who hasn’t at one time or another heard of Kelly Ripa.  Having begun her career in front of the camera in 1998 on the wildly popular soap opera, All My Children, as Hayley Vaughan, Kelly had made a name for herself early on.  In 2000, alongside Regis Philbin, Kelly took up the mantle of co-host, a job that she has held until this day.  In fact, when Regis departed the talk show, Kelly took over as lead host and currently co-hosts with Ryan Seacrest.  She is estimated to make $22 million.

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