The Highest Paid Female News Anchors And Their INSANE Net Worths

#12 – Mika Brzezinski ($12 Million)

TODAY — Pictured — (Photo By: Peter Kramer/NBC)

Currently working as a co-host for MSNBC’s Morning Joe along with Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski a daughter of the diplomat and political scientist Zbigniew Brzezinski who served as an adviser to Jimmy Carter and Lyndon B. Johnson. She was a former news correspondent for CBS. She made compelling special coverage such as World Trade Center terror attack in 2001 at the ground zero. She also joined MSNBC as an occasional anchor before she was given the role to co-host the show. Aside from being a TV personality, she is also an author of three books.

#11 – Christiane Amanpour ($12.5 Million)

Christiane Amanpour is a British-Iranian journalist as well as a TV host. She serves as the Chief International Correspondent for CNN. She also hosts her own nightly interview show called Amanpour. Moreover, she also serves as the Global Affairs Anchor for ABC News. With her dedication in the field of broadcasting, she received more than 30 awards for her reporting. She is also dubbed as the “World’s 100 Most Powerful Women” by the Forbes magazine. She is also a special contributor for CNN’s 60 Minutes from 1998 to 2005. With this, she received the Peabody Award in 1998.

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